Global Rubber Industrial

Conveyor Belt Designations

Diamond conveyor belts are designated as follows:

Cover Quality

Distinctive letter for basic qualities according to international standards


Diamond belt complies with the dimensional and technical requirements of relevant national and international standards. On special request, belts can also be produced according to specifications of the customer.


Fabric Selection

Symbols of fabric materials, synthetic Polyester yarns fabrics are made of wholly synthetic Polyester yarns (E)are used in the warp (longitudinal) direction and Nylon (P) in the weft (transversal) directions.


200/2 2 ply belt, nominal tensile strength 200 N/mm

250/2 2 ply belt, nominal tensile strength 250 N/mm

630/3 3 ply belt, nominal tensile strength 630 N/mm

1000/4 4 ply belt, nominal tensile strength 1000 N/mm

Nominal Tensile Strength

This figure indicates the resistance at break in N/mm. The figures comply with international standards and meet the R 10 standards.

125      160       200      250       315       400       500       630

801     1000    1250    1600    2000    2500     (N/mm)