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Diamond Heat Resistance

Diamond Belt Heat Resistance

GRI’s line of heavy duty Heat Resistant Diamond conveyor belts feature an innovative, compact design that provides high splice strength and excellent mechanical characteristics while using a minimum number of piles. Regardless of the tensile strength, the Diamond carcass consists of synthetic EP fabrics reinforced with an inter-ply skim of resilient, high-quality rubber compound. The rubber cover is designed with an advanced formula available in 3 cover grades: High (HA), Super (HS) and Extra (HE) resistance to heat and corrosion.

Diamond HA 120-170˚C

  • High resistance to cracking & hardening caused by hot materials such as fertilizer granules, hot pellets, etc.

Diamond HS 170-220˚C

  • Superior resistance to cracking & hardening caused by very hot materials such as ore powder, slag, hot chemicals and glass waste, etc.

Diamond HE 220-300˚C*

  • Maximum resistance to cracking & hardening caused by extremely hot materials such as sintered ores, cokes, cement clinker and phosphates, etc.

*For only short periods at limit temperature.