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Diamond Abrasion Resistance

Diamond Belt Abrasion Resistance

GRI’s line of heavy duty Abrasion Resistant Diamond conveyor belts feature an innovative, compact design that provides high splice strength and excellent mechanical characteristics while using a minimum number of piles. Regardless of the tensile strength, the Diamond carcass consists of synthetic EP fabrics reinforced with an inter-ply skim of resilient, high-quality rubber compound. The rubber cover is available in 3 cover grades: High (DA), Super (DS) and Extra (DE) resistance to abrasion & impact.

Diamond DA

  • High resistance to abrasions from coarse materials such as sand, earth, clay and bituminous coal, gravel, timber, ground cement, etc.
  • Cover thickness: 1.5mm- 3mm (top) & 1mm- 1.5mm (back).

Diamond DS

  • Super resistance to abrasions & impact from coarse materials such as gravel, anthracite coal, sinter, overburden limestone, iron ore, etc.
  • Cover thickness: 3mm- 5mm (top) & 1.5mm (back).

Diamond DE

  • Extra resistance to abrasions & impact from sharp and heavy materials such as coarse ore, broken coal, sharp gravel, glass cullet, limestone slag, trap rock, coal lumps, etc.
  • Cover thickness: 4.5mm- 6mm (top) & 2mm- 3mm (back).